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Coniolo in Folk Music Festival

Coniolo in Folk Music Festival


Folk is here to stay!


Beneath the blazing heat of the mid-June Monferrato sun, folk gather to dance. They gather in the village of Coniolo, well-known as
the village of Roses and the village that lived twice. This village has an unusual history, which is explained in the Coniolo Etnographic Museum and host an annual international exhibition about roses and flower growing called Coniolo Fiori.


This lovely village is located next to the river Po and sits like a balcony overlooking the planes. It’s a great spot to appreciate the intertwining between the landscapes of rolling hilly vineyards and the flat plains, where the rice grows.


The enthusiasm and energy of the people for these traditional folk dances is compelling and before I know it, I’m skipping and twirling to the sounds of the hurdy- gurdy and the accordion.


Let’s Folk!


I have come to the atelier practice dance, which has thankfully been organised for those who are new to these jigs and reels, preparing us for the dancing to come later on, in the evening. People of different ages and probably interests, share together the same focus of keeping traditional folk music alive in the local community.


Coniolo in Folk festival opened on a Friday evening with a Harp concert by Laura Sofia Caramellino and over 3 days hosts 10 groups from Piemonte and other regions of Italy. Saturday night drew the largest crowds, dancing and revelling to the lively, diverse and energetic performance from Lou Dalfin a group who represent the  alive culture of the Occitania valleys .


Closing the festival on Sunday evening, were the multi-talented L’Orage, who played an exceptional set, fusing together traditional and contemporary sounds. The organisers of the festival, “Coniolo Pro Loco” in collaboration with many other local associations, are pleased with the outcome and success of this first-year event and have already set dates for next year.


They look forward to welcoming people back to Coniolo in Folk from 17th to 19th of June 2016 and hope that in time it will grow to become one of the main festivals in Monferrato.


Coniolo in Folk music festival

Dates: 17, 18 and 19 June 2016
Address: Via Frati 23, 15030 Coniolo AL
Mobile: +39 320 4916362
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: Coniolo in Folk

Info and updates on our Events page:



Written by Gianni Siccardi and Emma Cayless | Photo courtesy of Coniolo in Folk



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