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L’Adele Bed & Breakfast

L’Adele Bed & Breakfast

We are greeted on a hot June day by Monica De Ambrosis, a gentle and enthusiastic woman, mother of four children, who runs the Bed and Breakfast L’Adele in Occimiano Monferrato and firstly she explains the origin of the name: Aunt Adele lived in this old cohort farm, “Casa Croce”, which belongs to the family for more than 100 years.




How an historic charming house became a b&b


The house belongs to the family De Ambrosis, since 1914 and all children born here and grew up with the sense of belonging to Monferrato, and a wish to share, the feeling of living in this special land, even for only a few days. Hence, the idea of Monica to open the house for guests looking to escape from the city, passing by or going to holiday, in a peaceful and quiet place at the feet of endless fields of barley and wheat.


Adele had red and curly hair and when the rooms in which she lived were empty the nephew clearly decided to rearrange and create a place of hospitality, with spacious and fresh rooms left to their natural hardiness. Furniture and floors are rough and there is a secret garden with “the highest centenary  hydrangeas in the Monferrato” that peek out from the door of the old barn converted into a rustic living room.


To the side, there is a romantic bedroom with a magnificent silk painted canvas of the early ‘800 at the head of the bed.
It is a simple and comfortable b&b, a place to take heart after a day’s work or a long journey.



Eco B&B


This b&b is spread over two floors and there are available rooms for six people that can be double or single bed.  Every bed linen and the towels are washed using mild detergent, and giving so a look to the respect of the environment and nature.


Outside the house is painted by a solar yellow with fountains of flowers that emerge from everywhere: wisteria and roses, geraniums and hibiscus, and many others. Antiques that recall a past life in the countryside as old wooden hammers or shelling corn under the front porch, in front of the wood, stacked for the winter.


Precisely L’Adele also has a fireplace that comes from the first floor to warm up the rooms, which can transform a cold night of Piemonte in a delicious and soft night under the blankets.




Enjoing Relax in Monferrato’s nature


In front of the house there is a large courtyard, which once would have called Hague, with gazebo, tables and chairs, so that is possible to eat outside when there is good weather; a garden with children’s games as a slide, swings and a comfortable hammock; an aviary cage with William and Olivia, two parrots guardian-keepers of the house; an enclosure in which Bigot, the goat, eats grass and a hen-house where the family does supply of eggs.

Last, but not least appear Rex, a little dog, jumping and quivering waiting for someone throwing him the ball.


The property is an excellent starting point for tours by car, motorcycle and bicycle or hiking, to discover  Monferrato, tasting wines, local products and visit  the infernot and houses in Pietra da Cantoni” suggest us, Monica. And, in fact, we took a walk to one of the many roads of Occimiano, offers and in less than a minute we found ourselves on a stone path in the middle of wheat fields and soothing landscapes, with old farmsteads here and there, supported by the same ivy that clings their wall.




We go to sleep in our comfortable bed dreaming Adele, a big family and an ancient lifestyle, without technology, but with no less comfort.


The next morning we wake up, take a warm shower, and under the garden gazebo Monica serve us a delicious and stunning breakfast: we can quench our thirst with fresh orange juice, sweeten the palate with cooked whipped cream, jams, butter biscuits and spicy plum cake chocolate. All is homemade and the taste confirms it. We complete our waking up with a good cup of coffee, all with the singing of birds and doves as background music.


Yes, it’s true: “Beautiful in every season, Monferrato waiting to be visited and discovered“.



Bed and Breakfast L’Adele

Website: http://www.ladele.it/
Address: Via Circonvallazione 202, 15040 Occimiano AL
Mobile: +39 328 8825387
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: ladeleoccimiano



Written by Maria Caoda | Photography by Alessandro Mondina and courtesy of b&b L’Adele




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