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Painter Nadia Presotto

Painter Nadia Presotto

The past lives in the present and goes into the future through art“. With this sentence, Nadia Presotto welcomes us into her colourful home in S. Maurizio di Conzano.


Her studio is a true exhibition of paintings, photos, collages and engravings: everywhere you turn your eyes there is a framework on which to stop and admire the technique or a canvas in which to immerse yourself in the nuances.
As a child she loved to go to museums and her curiosity led her to meet important personalities like Colombotto Rosso, Ezio Gribaudo, Mario Surbone.


It is definitely not a well-paid job but she really loves to make Art because “It is something that a person does on their own and gets you to look inside […] the emotions, the memories come out and go on the canvas.




Inspired by Monferrato


Nadia is a promoter of the territory, a spokesman for the Monferrato where she lives: “Monferrato is a work of Art that inspires Art“.


She and her husband Renato Luparia, a skilled photographer artist himself, have travelled extensively from Syria to Dubai, from Beijing to South America, from Europe to the United States and recalls that initially, she had preferred the naturalistic component of her pilgrimages, inevitably leaving the city for the last.


But after being in San Francisco and New York was struck by their vivacity and vitality enough to revive them constantly because they represent memories of something of the lived: “Art born alone, which starts from an emotion and through colour for leading to a greater expression.




For example, the pink colour on the canvas is the one of sunset, although, in reality, it lasts one minute; in known places, it is difficult to notice these things but  the more you are a sensitive person the more you notice. “Just look outside the window, nature gives you everything: shapes, colours, emotions, dreams“.

It is from this way of seeing the world that take shape her art pieces defined by most people Bright, Dreamy, Delicate, Lightweight and Solar.




Landscapes, Nature and Colours


Her favourite technique is oil on canvas because it can be shaped, pulled, corrected, has its own light; through the oil, Nadia creates delicate landscapes that, as Nanni Panizza says, are “Memories flowing in time, beloved places, inviting tones, unspoken dreams“.


In her study there are also soft watercolors made with wet-on-wet technique and representing landscapes and flowers; precious wooden cards already designed by the nature, in which she intervened very little; collages made with antique grandmother’s nightgowns revived as the eastern cities that she visited; prints made from small woodblock also profiles with citizens as the main subject.




Also, the garden is a work of art containing many varieties of flowers, particularly roses, surrounding the orchard, the garden and one of the murals of the contemporary artist Filippo Biagioli, promoter of Analphabetic Art.


You can stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions and contact her through her website and by e-mail.




Painter Nadia Presotto

Email: [email protected]



Written by Maria Caoda | Photography by Franco Agnolotto




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