10 Sept – 15 Oct: Monferrato & Wine in Literary Masterpieces

Monferrato and wine in literature 2016 event




A new format; much bigger, much richer, the Bacchus and Bach music and wine Festival will present its 8th edition, reconfirming one of the most interesting cultural events on the Monferriato landscape. At the heart of the festival is the theme “Monferrato & Wine in literary masterpieces”, with an highlight on wine tastings, local food, music and art events.


A full calendar of concerts, tastings, conferences, literary presentations, exhibitions and international guests who will develop June 11th to 25th and from September 10 to October 15th.






September 10th at Cascina Cerola, Frazione Franchini 15041 Altavilla AL / € 30
Grape Harvest Festival


17.00 pm Musical toast in the vineyards, under the cherry tree with the Armugnac Trio and a walk along the rows of Cascina Cerola.
18.00 Snack time in the farmhouse’s hut in the company of Danseurs Munfrin folk band.
20.00 Bonfire lights up and dances are open.


The wines of the 2016 vintage:

  • Là Rossa: Piedmont Barbera Doc
  • Teradmunfrà: Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese Doc
  • Bricco d’asinella: Monferrato Freisa Doc
  • Riva del Gruccione. Piedmont Sauvignon Doc



September 16th, 21:00 at Palazzo Vitta, Via Trevigi 12, 15033 Casale Monferrato / € 10
Noches Andaluzas Concert


Duo Cueca is considered by critics as “unique for the ability to blend the two instruments into one element with extreme elegance and touch sensitivity.” The program combines classical, ethnic and traditional Andalusian music.


Francisco Cuenca Morales – guitar
Josè Cuenca Morales – piano




October 13th, 16.00 at Civico Theatre, Piazza Carlo Alberto, 13, 14036 Moncalvo AT / free
Conference: Freisa and grignolino: DOC native


To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Freisa, which with Grignolino is one of the native vines of the Monferrato, a conference with some of the top experts in the field and the consortiums that protect and promote the wines of the territory.


Institutional greetings
Andrea Desana, Chairman Casale Monferrato Capital Committee of the DOC
Aldo Fara, Mayor of Moncalvo


Filippo Mobrici, Consortium President Barbera d’Asti and Wines of the Monferrato
Luca Balbiano, Consortium Chairman Freisa of Chieri
Domenico Ravizza, Consortium President of the Casalese Monferrato hills
Roberto Cerrato, Director and Site Manager at Unesco Langhe Roero and Monferrato


“From the Poor Courts to the Empire: Monferrato’s wine as a diplomatic tool between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance” by Roberto Maestri, Chairman of the Circle of the Marchesi del Monferrato.
“The oenological attitudes of Freisa and Grignolino” by Vincenzo Gerbi, Ordinary of Oenology University of Turin.
“Freisa and Grignolino: historical Piedmontese vines” by Anna Schneider, Researcher at the National Research Council (CNR) at the Institute of Plant Virology.
“Freisa promotion initiatives in Italy and Europe from 1980 to 2017” by Giuseppe Fassino, promoter and coordinator of the Bottega del Vino di Moncucco.


Wine Tasting
Wines by Beccaria cellar at Ozzano Monferrato, winner of the prestigious Cangrande Vinitaly 2017 prize.



October 14th, 20.00 at Agriturismo Bottazza, St.Vecchia Per Pozzo S.Evasio, 9, 15033 Casale Monferrato / € 32
Tasting Dinner: the pleasures of the flesh

Discovering the Piedmont breed: four fassone meat dishes combined with four wines, accompanied and guided by Dr. Massimo Pasciuta. Taste the flavors of the Agriyurismo’s farmhouse, where everything is farmed, cultivated and produced at zero miles.

Wines and Meats: Azienda Agricola Fratelli Leporati



From October 7th to 15th, Piazza Antico Castello, 1, 14036 Moncalvo AT
Peter Spada and Visual Poetry

Artworks by the Peter Spada, born in Monferrato in 1936 begins his career in Paris after the war. Returned to Italy, he remained and worked extensively until his death. He became a friend of many artists, including Fontana and Crippa, and made many trips, especially in Africa, where he loved to live with tribal populations. From all his human relationships he always had great experience and teachings that came to fruition in his poetry.


October 7 at 17:00


Finissage with artistic performance:
October 7 at 17:00


Opening hours:
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-13.00 / 15.30-19.30
Monday to Friday on request: +39 347 515 5213




Some activities are upon payment, see description.


Address and contacts
Accademia d’Arte Le Muse
Address: Via Trevigi 12, 15033 Casale Monferrato AL
Mobile: +39 366 406 5862
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Various venues around Casale Monferrato


From 10th September to 15th October 2017