11-25 Jun: Monferrato & Wine in Literary Masterpieces

Monferrato and wine in literature 2016 event

Monferrato & Wine in Literary Masterpieces


A new format; much bigger, much richer, the Bacchus and Bach music and wine Festival will present its 8th edition, reconfirming one of the most interesting cultural events on the Monferriato landscape. At the heart of the festival is the theme “Monferrato & Wine in literary masterpieces”, with an highlight on the great writers who was inspired by the Monferrato territory, like Hemingway, Rabelais, Fenoglio, Pavese, Lajolo, Arpino, Monti and others.


A full calendar of concerts, tastings, conferences, literary presentations, exhibitions and international guests who will develop June 11th to 25th and from September 10 to October 15th.




June 11th h. 17.30 at La Cantinetta, Via Orti 3, 15020 Mombello Monferrato AL / € 5
Racconti del parentado: Beppe Fenoglio
Stories, landscapes and characters of the Langhe in the novels of Beppe Fenoglio, one of the greatest Italian writers of the twentieth century.

Music Recital by Elena Zegna (voice) and Giovanni Scotta (piano)

Wine: Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC by Cantinetta Roberto Imarisio.


June 17th h. 20.00 at Canonica di Corteranzo, Via Gianoli 15, 15020 Murisengo AL / € 5
Waiting for the Solstice … concert in vineyard
A breathtaking panorama for a fascinating and overwhelming music project.
An appointment to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Monferrato, with wine and a typical peasant snack.
An engaging concert in the vineyard, which also turns into a romantic night walk.

20:00 Merenda Sinoira snack (for reservation call: +39 328 206 6524)
21.00 Concerto in the vineyard. Music by Marcello Crocco (flute) and Marco della Ratta (hang).


June 18th h. 19.00 Strada Patro, 14036 Moncalvo AT / € 5
SunShine on the green. Lajolo and his People
A sunset from a privileged location, surrounded by hills, relaxing on the grass and with glass of wine in your hand.
The latest music project by Andrea Cattaneo, will make the two classic and electric guitar souls conversational with stories that Davide Lajolo has devoted to the harsh and sweet landscape of Langhe and Monferrato.

Andrea Cataneo (acoustic guitar, electric guitar), Ima Ganora (voice)

Wine: Barbera del Monferrato Casalese DOC 2013 by Cascina Gasparda.


June 21st h. 21.30 Palazzo Vitta, Via Trevigi 12, 15033 Casale Monferrato AL
Romantic Piano
Celebrate the music festival, with a classical par excellence that he could give voice and wings to both intimate lyricism and virtuoso acrobatics: the romantic piano.

Chiara Petrassi (piano)

Wine: Delizia Rosa by Azienda Agricola Bottazza.


June 25th h. 18.00 Eco Museo della Pietra da Cantone, Via Circonvallazione 15034 Cella Monte AL
L’Ura del Ben
Somewhere, occasionally, over the rainbow of hills, it may happen to hear “magic phrases” that mingle, cross over, run, returning to atmosphere, images, memory, memory of a land: of our land.
Fragments, of a common cultural heritage, which can thus become part of each of us.
Proverbs that speak of time, farmer’s calendar, seasons; Ironic narratives of customs, commonplace, signs of nature. The voice of memories turns into poetry and leads us into a fascinating world.
Those magical sounds, composed and reconstructed by two splendid interpreters of Piedmontic dialectical poetry, Cesare Vincobrio and Teresio Malpassuto, grow and penetrate into our hearts as traces of profound humanity.

Collettivo teatrale directed by Graziano Menegazzo, Silvia Musso (harp).



Address and contacts
Accademia d’Arte Le Muse
Via Trevigi 12
15033 Casale Monferrato AL
Mobile: 366 406 5862
Website: www.baccoebach.com


Various venues around Casale Monferrato


1st session: from 11th to 25th June 2017 2nd session: from 10th September to 15th October 2017