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Our Aim

Monferrato Delights is a not-for-profit project to promote original and quality content about the geographical area where we were born and that we love.

We collect stories from locals who want to share them with international travellers. We write Articles to help everyone build their unique travel experience in Monferrato. It is our way to welcome you and make you feel like one of us during your stay.


We strive to honour our community members’ individual voices and freedom of content. The genuine content and our no-profit values are our pride.

Our Guidelines

We write about a wide range of topics like: wine makers, restaurants, agricultural tourism, bed and breakfasts, shops, and those activities in the area that are the Delight of Monferrato.


Our Focuses
  • Responsible tourism. We promote sustainable ways of travelling, respect for nature, culture and the people.
  • Organic, veg and fair trade. Those who look after Monferrato (and the planet) have a special place here.
  • Traditions and typical. Products and activities which represent the uniqueness of Monferrato and those who are the real essence of the land.


Our Approach
  • Only the best, only honest. We don’t make judicial top-ten lists. We only tell you what it’s like with enthusiasm, honesty and without exaggerations.
  • Personal touch. We encourage our writers and our hosts to share their  unique point of view and share their stories. We don’t just write for the sake of it, but for mutual enrichment and to build connections.
  • Working together. Our core values is mutual support and open collaboration. We love to work with local authorities, NGO’s, associations, people who want to share their knowledge. And, above all, with the community members that give their time and passion to this project.

Wanderlust Volunteering Association

Monferrato Delights is a project which was launched in September 2012 thanks to the support of the Italian National Agency for Youth, part of the European program Youth in Action formed in partnership with the Alessandria Province.


The project is now managed by Wanderlust Volunteering Association. We promote our territory, culture, visual art, web education for local groups. We are based in Terruggia, in the Province of Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy.

If you would like to make Monferrato Delights even more complete in content and photos, you can contact us here.

Our Team

We are a team of locals, Monferrato and travel lovers, who run a not-for-profit project to promote our homeland. We go, and check out those special, lesser-known places for you, with all our senses. We talk to and get to know in person people and places and then we write and share our stories.


I'm a Web Marketing enthusiast and a travel bookshop mouse

Project Coordinator

Nature, art, travel and food, that's me folks!

Graphic and Web designer
fiona scull

Aussi naturopath that materialised in Monferrato, came for love, stayed for life


Life is a tree, Monferrato where my roots are


Organic wine producer and passionate traveller

Volunteers Team Manager

I'm a cinema lover and passionate for my land (expecially for agnolotti)


Monferrato is my chosen home. I find that sharing it with new-comers, I appreciate it all the more

Events Manager
credits monferratodelights

Contributors, supporters, local advisors, guest writers: click the CREDITS link in the footer

A lot of people
That make all this possible
web e volontariato provincia alessandria per Monferrato Delights

Un team aperto a tutti

Entra a farne parte

Monferrato Delights è un punto di riferimento per i viaggiatori stranieri per scoprire il Monferrato. Il nostro Team è composto da professionisti del web, grafici, cittadini stranieri che vivono nel Monferrato, appassionati di viaggi e di culture diverse. Tu puoi aiutarci a far crescere questo progetto.
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The moon line by Emanuele Boffa at Casorzo

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Raccontiamo il territorio anche sui social, ogni giorno, grazie alle centinaia di persone che ci mandano fotografie del Monferrato, e che noi ripubblichiamo sui nostri social. Mandaci un tuo scatto del Monferrato su Facebook: ne ripubblicheremo uno al giorno, in ordine di arrivo, citandoti come autore, ovviamente!

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