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Agritourism Cascina Trapella

Agritourism Cascina Trapella


The summer evenings in Monferrato’s hills are magic and we cannot avoid falling in love with its lights and landscape; while looking at it, sitting at our table by the wide glass window of the Agritourism Cascina Trapella, a breathtaking sunset enchants us.




Agritourism on Monferrato’s hills


On our table, there are some inviting tomatoes and olives focaccias. Laura, one of the cooks and owner, serves us directly, recommending a Barbera wine produced by the Cantina Cooperativa of Vinchio and Vaglio from the Alto Monferrato.

Meanwhile, we started picking at the focaccias, there to accompany us through all the various courses.




The Menu


We begin with some starters: garlic salami, rye and Kamut bread fried with sage, fried Piopparelli mushroom (Agrocybe aegerita). Laura explains to us that this kind of mushroom grows only in a particular time of the year and they can be harvested only with a particular moon phase, and that’s the reason that this dish is not always on the menu, where you can find only dishes made with seasonal products.


Then we taste a crepe with Aosta Valley Fontina cheese and a “Caponata” as the last starter. We are carried away by these flavours.




Feeling at home


The furniture and the background music make us feel easy, creating a positive informal relaxed atmosphere, and never invasive.
We can immediately experience how the owners of this place are so careful in choosing their supplier and welcoming in and receiving their guests. We are sitting here feeling like we are in our own home!


While we taste all the different starters, the cooks are preparing a delicious risotto with “Piopparelli” mushrooms and sausages. They want to grant to their host the best fresh food, just prepared for them and never reheated, that’s why we had to book a table.

All portions are generous and we feel already satisfied, but we cannot resist the temptation to try the homemade “tagliatelle” with homemade “Pesto” sauce and hemp seeds. It has a lovely flavor that goes perfectly with this kind of pasta.




The dinner course goes on delighting us: a delicate roast beef with lemon and arugula served with a salad of tomatoes and onions. The tomatoes are of two different qualities and have been harvested in two gardens: one located on the hills and one in the plain, allowing us to taste the two different flavors.


To end the dinner we have a delicate chocolate mousse with Ricotta cheese cream, which is simply sublime, its softness make it easy to enjoy it even after such an abundant meal.




Only Organic food


Laura and Maria Laura are the cooks and owners. They are business partners and all very good friends that three years ago decided to start this new enterprise together. As they finish in the kitchen, they come to our tables tired and happy to see us satisfied, and we start a lovely conversation.


They told us they wanted to create a place where the food and drinks they offer meet the highest standards of quality: everything is organic and freshness and seasonality combines both modern-creative and traditional local styles of cooking.

They cook simple dishes paying their best attention to the quality of the products they use.

Maria Laura tell us how she is proud on being overall a farmer then a cook, and this makes her always looking for the best way to enhance the flavor of their harvest. Beside, the vegetables that are not produced by them arrive from others organic farm in the area.




We keep on talking until late in the night, and we understand we are not considered just customers, but very welcome friends.
The cost for a dinner like the one we had is only 25 euro, and the genuine warm feeling we felt while staying here has no price.



Agritourism Cascina Trapella
Address: Strada San Martino 40, 15030 Frazione Roncaglia, Casale Monferrato AL
Phone: +39 0142 403017
Mobile: +39 331 1113439
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: cascinatrapella



Written by Fabio Bandera | Photography by Elio Lussu




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