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La Ca’ Nova Winemakers

La Ca’ Nova Winemakers

There are people that are very devoted to their job. It is fully part of their life, and sometimes this passion is handed down from generation to generation.


At La Ca’ Nova winemakers company based in Cella Monte, with vineyards based in Rosignano Monferrato, the story begins at the end of the 19th Century. Marco Bellero, from the youngest generation, took charge of the farm in 2006, although he started helping his father in his childhood.



A Life for winemaking


At the beginning, it was very hard and his efforts are now starting to give the desired results, in terms of appreciation from people, locals and foreigners, that visit the winery to taste his wines. He still has to work eight hours a day in a factory and spends his holidays in the grape harvest in order to fulfil his dream and dedicate his life to vineyards and winemaking.



Elsa, Marco’s mother, shows us something that is very precious to his family and we discover the heritage contained in it: the last book from Marco’s grandmother, Luigina, “La vita per la vite” (“A life for the grapevine“).


It is a complete memory of traditions, tales, poems and proverbs from 80 years ago. Many pictures about tools and ways of working enrich the book and what it is more interesting is to realise the differences between the old and the modern ways of farming.


What is most important to Elsa is to find a balance between the simplicity of the past and the present, with its invasive machines, learning from the past the attitude of taking care of the earth, instead of “taking advantage” of it. This becomes spontaneous when there is a real love for the land, expressed in the way to choose the best bunches of grapes, caring for the plants and respecting the workers during the harvest.



La Ca’ Nova Monferrato’s wines


We are welcomed in the tasting room that is also a small restaurant that offers local and traditional meals, were we meet Marco and Elsa, his mother. There is a very nice warm room with a vaulted roof and exposed bricks and a second a little more modern and colder, with frescoes ceiling.


La Ca’ Nova produces wines from all kinds of local grapes, such as Barbera, Arneis, Cortese, Nebbiolo and Freisa, some of them aged in barrique.


We are invited to taste their most special one, a Grignolino from 2010, 13.5 % alcohol, defined by Marco a difficult wine, for his tannic taste and the light hardness, and the the taste was something unique and truly distinctive.


Want to try by yoursef?



Azienda Agricola La Ca’ Nova

Address: Via Cipriano Cei, 18, 15034 Cella Monte AL
Mobile: +39 333 9544699
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: La-Ca-Nova
Instagram: cantinalacanova
Written by Vincenzo Bagnetto | Photo by Manu Arjuna



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