Mon.D.O. & Us: united in the promotion of Monferrato

Mon.D.O. & Us: united in the promotion of Monferrato

This time we brake up for an announcement that concern us… and (we hope) Monferrato as well.

Along with MonD.O. we established a new partnership. Mon.D.O. is the public-private institution that promotes all the Basso Monferrato.


The aim? To best describe the magic of The Monferrato, and increase its exposure on Digital Media.


monferrato delights and mondo for monferrato


In Monferrato, where tourism is growing rapidly, collaborations nowadays have a growing role, especially where public and private entities and operators aim at a single goal: to expand the promotion and the presence of the territory in the tourism sector.

And it is with this in mind that the partnership between the Consortium Mon.D.O. and Monferrato Delights has been made official in recent days.


While Mon.D.O. maintains its istitutional mission with its members is to promote the territory and its potential in tourism, Monferrato Delights has promoted a storytelling approach, by means of articles, photographs, video & social media.


Our project started in 2013 under the “Youth in Action” European Program, supported by the Italian National Agency for Young People and was implemented in collaboration with the Province of Alessandria, and continues under the management of the Wanderlust Association. Over time, for the foreign tourist, the Monferrato Delights website has become a point of reference, where one can see the territory through the eyes of those who live there, whereby discovering the lesser-known places, stories and beauty.


monferrato delights and mondo for monferrato


For us this partnership with Mon.D.O. is not only an important acknowledgment but a way to expand the potential of our project and to put forward complete and coherent reports and stories about the territory. With this association, this is guarenteed. We are excited to start this collaboration and we are pleased that Mon.D.O. is attentive and receptive to initiatives such as ours, which, after UNESCO’s recognition of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato vineyards, are increasing. Indicators show an ever incresing interest, not only toward the Monferrato region, but from within Monferrato itself – a greater interest and a desire to make Monferrato known and share its excellence.”

Events and articles are therefore aimed at reaching even more foreign visitors, thanks also to the translation of the various articles into English.

“Mon.D.O.- says President Maria Vittoria Gattoni – expands the network of profitable relations, this time aimed at increasing social activity to deliver an exciting message and invite tourists to ‘live’ the Monferrato.”



Written by Claudio Galletto  | Editing by Fiona Scull | Photography by Max Biglia

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