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Occasionally you come across English speaking foreigners who have chosen to permanently call the Monferrato their home. Renowned photographer, Anne Conway (originally from Guildford, UK) has lived and worked in...

Update: check the complete list of public UNESCO's Infernot below.     What is it an Infernot?   I’ll start with a sort of ‘coming-out’: I didn’t know what Infernot were, until about a year ago....

Sometimes it takes just a little imagination and empathy to transform a business into something more. This is what Davide and Mara Mazzucco have done and now Case nel Verde is...

While stroking a bunch of soft little bunnies, Daniela, a genuine down-to-earth young lady, is feeding them and introducing us to her mother Laura. Laura is a talkative and gracious...

  It’s hard not to be impressed by Edoardo’s personality, he is excited, very talkative and full of stories, facts and anecdotes about the art and cultural scene of the 70s: a...

  Folk is here to stay!   Beneath the blazing heat of the mid-June Monferrato sun, folk gather to dance. They gather in the village of Coniolo, well-known as the village of Roses and...

The trek begins in Ottiglio: a nice village perched on a hill and dominated by the castle and the church of San Germano both built in Pietra da Cantoni stone....

  It doesn’t happen every day to meet a family that has been producing wine for 8 generations, in a span of almost 300 years. When Ernesto welcomes us in the...