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It may seem strange entitle a museum to a stone, but a visit to the Ecomuseo della Pietra da Cantoni clarifies why this unique material is so important to the...

Wine and stone are a couple of things which, at first sight, do not have much in common. But following the path of the Pietra da Cantoni we met ViCaRa...

A special occasion worth an extra mile to meet a symphonic musician and who is also one of the most appreciated Luthier and Bow-maker:  we met him in his workshop...

"I made this tool by myself. You know, there are no specific tools to work this kind of stone, so I had to design one". We are at Gianmaria's workshop,...

When you are an active member of an Italian food coop, visiting farms and meeting its owners is one of the duties and often pleasures of the quality team of...

  I walked through the door. A quiet, well-mannered gentleman welcomed me into his house: Renato Luparia and with him, his wife, painter Nadia Presotto, whom we had already met some...

  The passion of Mrs Luigina Bisoglio showed us a special world in Lu, a small village nestled in the smooth Monferrato hills, in between  of Casale Monferrato and Alessandria. We like to...