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What we like most about our profession is to meet interesting and unique people that live in Monferrato, while at the same time we experience new adventures. This time, we thought...

As we walk around the centre of Casale, the city looks quite different: decorations in the streets, shops open until late and colourful balloons, live music on every corner, a...

  Invited by Maddalena, welcomed by Maria, hosted by Marco   These are the three personalities of the Locanda dall'Arte resort in Solonghello. They are very different characters, but together they create the...

Since 2002 the "Film’s Games" competition of MonFilmFest transformed the hills of Monferrato in a film set. A rush-hour competition for seven troupes of international filmmakers are invited every year...

  We received an e-mail from Eraldo Ghietti with a small biography and some paint attached. The message was almost laconic, but the pictures said a lot. So the curiosity brings...

Meeting the landscape of Monferrato's hills, the various morphologies of the land, the suggestive views and sceneries, the diversified nature, the traditional villages: in only two hours this is possible,...

We are greeted on a hot June day by Monica De Ambrosis, a gentle and enthusiastic woman, mother of four children, who runs the Bed and Breakfast L'Adele in Occimiano...