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A traditional Piedmontese style restaurant: Osteria Il Melograno in Terruggia offer a wide menu even for vegetarian or vegan, with a special attention to intolerances...

"The past lives in the present and goes into the future through art". With this sentence, Nadia Presotto welcomes us into her colourful home in S. Maurizio di Conzano.   Her studio...

During the last lights of the day, we reached Cella Monte, a typical village on Monferrato's hills. In the internal courtyard of the farm, there are heaps of boxes, resting...

There are people that are very devoted to their job. It is fully part of their life, and sometimes this passion is handed down from generation to generation.   At La Ca'...

  The summer evenings in Monferrato's hills are magic and we cannot avoid falling in love with its lights and landscape; while looking at it, sitting at our table by the...

“When people ask me what is the meaning of painting, I answer: it is simple, is just my life!”. A sentence that emphasises not only Shozo Koike commitment and passion, but...