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Painter Eraldo Ghietti

Painter Eraldo Ghietti


We received an e-mail from Eraldo Ghietti with a small biography and some paint attached. The message was almost laconic, but the pictures said a lot. So the curiosity brings us to his studio in the centre of Montemagno.


A beautiful wide squared courtyard for many apartments with 4 high palm trees that want to touch the sky, now blue and sunny, now black and full of rain, and give to the place a touch of exotic.



Painting With Monferratos’ Colours


His studio is on the mezzanine mansard and decorated with his paintings and few other from some local well-known artists.
We sit and we start to talk a bit, then Eraldo stands up and shows some of his works, beginning with Unesco Landscapes, the last exhibition that will be held this month in two different churches in two close by villages.


This is the last works that seem ordinary landscapes but are not. His past experience gives them a different touch and there is something very personal in each of them.




Many of the past paintings are a blaze of images, shapes and sometimes colours. “It is not street art, not naif,” he said. Adam and Eve, The Doomsday, are some of the titles.


Then we sit again, and Eraldo talks about Deswine a series and brand of decorated bottles and ready to be used by wine producers. We see some sculptures and puppets.



Real, Unreal, Surreal


After that Eraldo got almost nuts, looking for something that has disappeared and luckily it appears again after few minutes, hides in a shelf: a booklet full of short stories and another one with draws and collages.


He gives us some of them to read. Adam and Eve at the Asti Palio is a surrealistic connection of images that are just waiting for, he explains to us now in his vest of screenwriter, be represented in animated short movies.




A Painter Story


His life, started in Carignano, a village close by Turin, was full of experiences in any creative ambit in which he got always big satisfactions.

Besides painter, writer, screenwriter and sculptor, to fulfil his passion for cookery, music and architecture Eraldo played at the Conservatory then in some bands, he was a stylist for 30 years, then work on the marketing field an important international company.


After, he travelled in many countries, and he settled for a while in France where he owned his own restaurant, then worked as a chef for others few years, until end up in Monferrato.

eraldo-ghietti-5w eraldo-ghietti-4w


I exhibited my paintings in New York, Paris, Wien, at the Marsiglia airport and many others important places” he whispers us, “but I can say that I have more satisfaction exposing my works on Monferrato’s villages: I’mĀ interested people meet are everywhere“.


It appears the image of us walking in a central crowded pedestrian street, back and forward, back and forward, together with hundreds of people. All they have the same desire to meet, share, socialise, but in fact, after many hours, days, weeks, we finally didn’t have the chance to meet anyone, “by chance“.


Then again us, strolling this time in a desert beach on a tropical country: there are no humans at the horizons, just us, and finally after few hours we cross another human. Of course we start to talk and “by chance” we have many things to share. We even become friend, for ten minutes or for a life. It was so easy“.




Passionate by the Beat Generation, what Eraldo loves more is the truth. In any creative action he put totally himself. He is there, completely, with his soul, whose images appear and take a shape. For this, during this meeting, Eraldo didn’t say much about his ideas and reasons, he just talks about his experiences. Before going out we see, heading the lunch table, his Last Supper with the apostles represented by many famous people: “which one can you recognize?“.


You can contact direcly Eraldo, he will be happy to arrange a visit in his studio at Montemagno, in Asti province.



Painter Eraldo Ghietti

Mobile: +39 346 9648036
Email: [email protected]



Written by Vincenzo Bagnetto | Photography by Gianni Siccardi.




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