Photo Artist Renato Luparia | Monferrato Delights
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Photo Artist Renato Luparia

Photo Artist Renato Luparia


I walked through the door. A quiet, well-mannered gentleman welcomed me into his house: Renato Luparia and with him, his wife, painter Nadia Presotto, whom we had already met some times ago. I was immediately struck by an impression, which was to strengthen throughout our conversation.

Renato had a typical temperament of Piedmontese people: sober, calm, almost shy when it came to talking about himself.




Renato had attended more than 40 collective shows and 14 solo art exhibitions in Italy, the UK, France, Germany, and China. His photos are published in art catalogues and photo magazines and he continued to talk about his work with humbleness and sense of humour.





Photographing Monferratos’ landscape


Renato Luparia’s photos are focused on landscape, especially Monferrato: “The challenge for me is to look at my usual landscape, without embellishments, and try to represent the spirit of the place“. A study that continued over many years and evolved in different approaches to the landscape portraits.


Renato started to collect his work in different anthologies: “Il Paesaggio dell’ Uomo” (The landscape of man) an investigation of the human element leaving his mark on the land. “Nature in Monferrato is a symbiotic result of the works of nature and men and I want to point this out: you don’t see human figures in my photos, you see the results of human work“.





Inner Landscapes


In “Il Suono del Silenzio” (The sound of silence) Renato explores geometry and spiritualism through landscape representation: Monferrato’s hills become a white canvas where fog, snow and trees created rarefied and surreal geometrical compositions.


Now Renato is studying different approaches: “You must see the landscape from multiple points of views. And be also able to imagine it“. Blurry landscape photos mix their shapes with bodies, or incredible landscapes come out from photos of materials like rusty steel or stones.
A landscape has borders, is a limited piece of land. But I think that the ways of seeing it and representing it has no borders“.




You can see Renato Luparia’s photos online and contact him on his website:



Photo Artist Renato Luparia

Email: [email protected]



Written and Photograhpy by Tommaso Zavattaro| Edited by Fiona Scull | Photo archive courtesy of Renato Luparia





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