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Real Estate Life Coach Davide Mazzucco

Real Estate Life Coach Davide Mazzucco

Sometimes it takes just a little imagination and empathy to transform a business into something more.

This is what Davide and Mara Mazzucco have done and now Case nel Verde is the first Real Estate Life Coach business in Italy.




Evolve the sector of Real Estate


Evolving a seemingly ordinary sector, such as real estate agency, into something deeper was not a short process.

I started to want to improve my approach when I understood that buying a home in Monferrato meant something more than a business transaction“.




Davide began his career in 1989 together with his wife Mara. He attended many courses in sales, but the more courses he attended the more he understood that it was not enough. It was during his professional growth that an idea developed which was to totally change his career.


When people decide to buy a house, they are making a lifestyle choice. Big or small, it is what it is. And it is different for everyone.

Some people move to Monferrato to start a business, other people want to enjoy some country life on the weekends, but for everyone moving in Monferrato means changing their lifestyle.

Being a Real Estate Life Coach means the relationship that develops between vendor and customer is very different, the whole process is different, and fortunately, both are very effective. It is also interesting at the human level: I always learn something from each client”.



Start from a project, not from a building


So Davide Mazzucco had the idea to combine the skills of a life coach with the expertise of a real estate agent: a professional figure that considers closely the needs and goals of their client and helps them to integrate them into ‘small community’ life in Monferrato.




But what does it mean to be Real Estate Life Coach in practice?


It is about listening, taking our time, and working on the reasons why you want to move here. We have to go back to basics and consider why and what you want to change in your life: only starting from that point can you clearly see the opportunities each property brings and really consider what is being offered.

Then there are techniques and steps in dealing with and choosing the house which is best for the client, but we always start with the primary motivation.




Life Stories


The reaction of their clients to this peculiar approach was really interesting. At the beginning, many people remained a bit displaced, when Davide and Mara start to talk about expectations, dreams and reasons rather than prices and offers. Still, the process becomes progressively smoother and choosing a house becomes quick and easy.


Davide and Mara have met many people, each with different stories and reasons for ‘moving out’ and all fascinated by life in their new home, Monferrato. Like the family from Milan looking for a villa in the countryside for the weekends. Like the farmer who moved here from Emilia Romagna to set up new crops. And there are more unusual cases: for example the Buddhist monk Shoryo Tarabini, who was looking for a property to use as a temple.


Davide Mazzucco also provides an information service with suggestions about life in Monferrato. On their website, there is a section dedicated to events and local initiatives, in order to provide more insight to those who coming to Monferrato and to promote the local area (yes: like we do!).




Working this way I have not only improved the lives of my clients but also my life. The key is reciprocity: to build a relationship with people is something unique and satisfying, that goes far beyond the sale of houses.

For my clients it is an experience to discover Monferrato life , for me, it is about discovering new stories and new people who often become friends.


You can learn more about Davide and Real Estate Life Coaching by downloading a free video course that Davide and Mara have on their website. (The video is currently only available in Italian, but is soon to be released in English).

You can contact Davide and Mara directly:


Agenzia Immobiliare Davide Mazzucco

Address: Strada Casale – Asti n.3 – 15020 Cereseto (AL)
Phone: +39 0142 940221
Mobile: +39 380 7482714
E-mail: [email protected]



Written by Tommaso Zavattaro | Edited by Fiona Scull | Photography by Monica Marescalchi and courtesy of Davide Mazzucco




  • Claudia Prana
    Posted at 06:27h, 31 December Reply

    Thank you for your article. I found this useful.

    Claudia Prana, Life Coach

    • MD team
      Posted at 20:51h, 01 January

      Thanks Claudia, we’re glad you like it!

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