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StupujTime Wine Festival

StupujTime Wine Festival

As we walk around the centre of Casale, the city looks quite different: decorations in the streets, shops open until late and colourful balloons, live music on every corner, a party atmosphere is in the air.




StupujiTime 1st edition


Today is the first edition of a new wine festival, which is held several times a year in coincidence with other events and festivals.
You can check for Stupujtime at the events page (look at wine events).




Uncork good wine


The event foregoes the traditional Wine Festival of Monferrato (Festa del Vino e del Monferrato) that take place every September in Casale Monferrato; and happens together with the Pink Night (Notte rosa): an initiative that open shops and bars of the city centre for music and cultural appointments until late in the night.


The name of the event is Stupujtime: stupuj in the local dialect means “to uncork”. September a joyful time of the year to harvest the mature grapes (vendemmia) in the vineyards that cover a vast portion of Monferrato’s hills, a time to make new wine and to celebrate.




100 different wines from over 30 cellars


The key to access this experience is a glass, which you can buy at one of the stands with a map showing the places, shops and bars that host the tastings.


With the glass, you can choose six wines to be tasted among 100, from over 30 different producers, spread around the city centre. You can also taste the traditional dishes of the area together with a local wine, creating your own menu choosing between the 40 dishes offered in bars and restaurants that participate in the project, and a wide range of appetisers and desserts.




We do our first tasting in the central Mazzini square where we find the clothing shop La dolce vita, where we taste a fresh Grignolino by Danilo Spinoglio.

In many places, the producer was present in person to explain the wine and guide the tasting. Then we go out to hear in Piazza Mazzini square, where several musicians alternate their folk, traditional and rock concerts.




We decide to do the next tasting in the night, so we go to Erboristeria l’Erica herbalist’s shop to taste another Grignolino mad by Buzzi winemakers; then a full, strong and fruity Barbera Crivelli at the FairTrade shop, a Barbera La Casaccia at Brian&Ferry clothes shop, a Chardonnay La Tenaglia at N.5 Leodonna woman boutique, to end with a Chardonnay La Colma at Audrey fashion shop.




Street Music & dances


It was nice to walk through the city with a glass of good wine, enjoying the live music, the crowd and the beauty of Casale.


The program of the day included a theater show, a ballad singer and street musicians with a variety of styles and backgrounds: classical music, jazz, music from the south of  Italy, hang drums, medieval music choir and dances, African music and percussions performed by a group of refugees, which we particularly enjoyed thanks to their vitality and smiling ability to involve the people.




Moreover, you could visit the museum, the tower, some churches and other historical monuments for free; you can choose between concerts and guided visits, and the monthly flea market.


We had the strong impression that Stupujtime is a nice, innovative idea to get a taste of Monferrato’s traditions, wine and food, to discover the city of Casale and its attractive, to live and feel the spirit of the area mixing with locals.


Stupujtime takes place every year on several occasions, usually in April and September. You can find the complete program on their facebook page.



StupujTime Wine Festival

Facebook: Stupujtime



Written by Franco Agnolotto | Photography by Elisa Defrancisci




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