Wood Masters Arte in Legno

Wood Masters Arte in Legno


It’s hard not to be impressed by Edoardo’s personality, he is excited, very talkative and full of stories, facts and anecdotes about the art
and cultural scene of the 70s: a meeting with him is truly memorable. Edoardo guides us through his workshop at his home, full of his wooden creations, from furniture to sculptures, to help us discover how an idea can blur the boundary between furniture and artwork.




Wood Arts in Monferrato


Arte in Legno – Centro del Mutamento is the result of Edoardo and his wife Maristella’s passion for art, but also the arrival of a life’s journey. It all started in the 70s when the young couple formed a collective community, living together with other friends near Monza,
their hometown.





It was during those years in which Italy was pervaded by social struggles. The cultural revolution in ’68 meant giving life to political
and social experimentation for many.

For Edoardo and Maristella it meant developing an alternative way of life.

We wanted to experience a different way of life and also a different approach to work and produce: giving up the superfluous.
We trained ourselves to work with wood, before producing furniturefor ourselves and for our friends… then we became quite good!




Sculptures or furniture?


Influenced by the Arte Povera movement and by artists such as Enzo Mari and Mario Ceroli, the creations of Edoardo and Maristella
have a whimsical, simple style which often evoke fairy tales imagery.

Built with recycled materials, they are made of layers of wood that create beautiful sculptures and unique pieces of furniture. Sometimes the result is a hybrid of the two things: the sculpture acquires a function and the furniture merging with artwork.


arteinlegno_5W arteinlegno_12W


Ours is a quest for simplicity in art through craft-work: both the sculpture and the furniture should merge creativity and function,
transmit an immediate sense of what they are.”


You can visit Edoardo and Maristella directly or find their creations in over 100 stores throughout Italy.



Arte in Legno – Centro del Mutamento

Website: http://www.arteinlegno.com
Address: Via Giovanni Marconi 7, Bruno (AT)
Phone: +39 0141 764141
Mobile: +39 335 5975232
E-mail: [email protected]



Written by Tommaso Zavattaro | Edited by Fiona Scull | Photography by Monica Marescalchi




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